For many years it has been a nice tradition to present the new museum wagon for the next year shortly before Christmas. On 15 December 2017, it was finally time again. The new wagon was presented as part of a great event. Again a company from the Göppingen region was serving as the model. The company Confiserie Bosch from Uhingen has assumed the sponsorship for the year 2018.

The packaging of the museum wagon itself is a real eye-catcher. The wagon is stored inside a metal box reminding of the boxes formerly used for sending the tasty Vanilla Wibele. The wagon itself is the model of a powdered freight silo wagon with access ladders and a brakeman‘s platform. A model a Magirus short-platform round-hood truck with tarpaulin is also part of it. In this way, also the new Märklin museum wagon.

This is what the great Märklin museum wagon 2018 looks like. will become a desirable collector‘s item just as its predecessors (item no. 48118).


Intermodellbau Dortmund
19.04.2018 - 22.04.2018

The fair is an event for passionate model making fans and families with model making offsprings. Counting ten exhibition halls, the INTERMODELLBAU awaits you with over 550 exhibitors, various offerings, breathtaking activities, exciting highlights and the most recent market trends as well as many attractions. Märklin Start up Club is also there. A great gift awaits you at the booth. Please, don‘t forget your club card!

WINNERS 06/2017

Curtain up for the winners of the puzzle featured in the magazine issue 5/2017. The question to be answered:

How many numbers does the Märklin Start up Birthday Wagon (item no. 44231) contain? The right answer was 19. The main prize goes to: 


And the winner of a car from the Märklin Start up Collection are:

Kari Sipiläinen

Jan Schlotjunker

Gabriele Aldo Bottaro

Silja Uhrig

Jaron Binder

Daniel Filipetz

Peter Guggemos

Mathias Krug

Moritz Hambach

Have you won too in the Start up Club and would like to see your picture on this page? Just send an E-mail with the keyword "Win" and a picture of you and your win to:


What is a cookie under a tree? A shady spot.

A fly passes a spider web by a hair‘s breadth. Spider: „You just wait, tomorrow I will catch you.“ Fly: „You lose, I am a one-day wonder.“.

„I think my mother doesn‘t understand children!“, Marie says. „What makes you think that?“, aunt Emma asks. „When I‘m awake, she sends me to bed. And when I‘m tired, she wakes me up.“

The mother criticizes her son: „Instead of sitting in front of the TV set, you should better help your father with your homework!“



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