WINNERS 03/2018

Finally the secret is disclosed! Who has won by solving the quiz of the last issue correctly? The question was about the recent railway topic "Jim Knopf". What's the name of Emma's daughter? That was clear, it's Molly!

From many submissions the lucky winner of the main prize was drawn, it is:


And the winner of a car from the Märklin Start up Collection are:

Marcel Leubner
Erik Bender
Kassem Farhat
Andri Andermatt
Anton Losch
Eliah Nadler
Laurin Bretscher
Tobias Lemke
Vinzenz Bräu

Have you won too in the Start up Club and would like to see your picture on this page? Just send an E-mail with the keyword "Win" and a picture of you and your win to:


The factory museum of Märklin has a long tradition, so in the year 2000 its centenary was celebrated. Already around the year 1900, there was a "sample room" where the products of the company could be looked at. In the years 1958 and 1959, this facility became an exhibition room where not only all recent products but also products from former times were shown. This room was located in the main plant in the street called Stuttgarter Straße. After moving the administration department in a building in the Holzheimer Str. 8 in Göppingen, in the 1979, the museum area was refurnished and in October 1985, it was enlarged by an additional room. In June 2006, the museum moved back to "Werk 1" (plant 1) and was located at the Reutlinger Straße.

On 17 March 2017, there was the ground-breaking ceremony in illustrious company for the new Märklin Museum in the Stuttgarter Straße. However, another year will pass until the Museum named "Märklineum" will open. Here some impressions of the start of construction works and of the ceremony.



The maths teacher says: "This class is so bad in maths that surely 90% will fail this year." A pupil in the background: "But we aren't that many!"

Why do teachers not play hide and seek? — Because nobody would look for them!

Lisa is wondering: "I would like to know how my mother knows everything she has forbidden me..."

A small polar bear goes to his mother and asks: "Mom, are you a polar bear, too?" — "Yes, of course." — "If you are one then I surely am one, too. And daddy? Is he a polar bear, too?" — "Yes, he is a tall and beautiful polar bear." — "And what about Grandma and Grandpa, were they polar bears, too?" — "Yes, of course..." — "And great-grandpa and great-grandma also were polar bears?" — Meanwhile, the polar bear mother is slightly annoyed: "Yeeesss, they were. Why are you asking all the time? What is wrong with you?" — The small polar bear answers bashfully: "Oh mummy, I am soooo cold!"


On the website in the club section you will find a great number of museums and other partners who will grant you a reduced admission fee if you show your club card at the desk. You will find the partners near you in a special overview. The prices given are of course only for children and students.