Here you already find a quick overview of the events in 2019 where Märklin is represented.

IMA / Märklintage, Göppingen, 13.-15.09.2019
modell-hobby-spiel, Leipzig, 03.-06.10.2019
Modellbaumesse, Wien, 24.-27.10.2019
Faszination Modellbau, Friedrichshafen, 01.-03.11.2019
Modellbahn, München; 15.-17.11.2019


WINNERS 02/2019

Here are the winners of the previous magazine. The first prize goes to:


And the winners of a car from the Märklin Start up Collection are:

Joshua Magge
Neo Ron Georg
Jonas Kügler
Bernd Werth
Lea Deckers
Niklas Höhne
Emily Unruh
Daiki Egger
Yannik Grotz

Have you won too in the Start up Club and would like to see your picture on this page? Just send an E-mail with the keyword "Win" and a picture of you and your win to:


Little Claus one evening with his mother: “Do you know the difference between radio, television and increases in pocket money?” “No, I don’t!”
“Well, you can hear the radio, you can watch television, but when it comes to increases in pocket money, you neither hear about it nor see it!”

Two friends are watching a football game. One of them says, “well, that was a good game”. The reply: “It’s a shame there weren’t any goals.” “What you mean? I can see two.”

Max is having breakfast and asks for the marmalade. His mother: “What’s that magic word which starts with pl?” Max: “plodder?

Felix and Jens are throwing dice. Felix has something to say: “we’ll start by tossing a coin. Heads, I win; tails, you lose.”

Seven-year-old Alexander has in his whole life never spoken a word. One day, at lunch, he says, “there’s no salt in the soup”. Horrified, his parents stare at him. Once she’s got over the shock, his mother asks him in a quivering voice, “Alexander, why have you never spoken up to now? We been terribly worried.” Alexanders reply: “why should I? Up to now there was nothing wrong with the food.”



On the website in the club section you will find a great number of museums and other partners who will grant you a reduced admission fee if you show your club card at the desk. You will find the partners near you in a special overview. The prices given are of course only for children and students.