On 14 December 2017 it is finally time again. The new Märklin museum car for the year 2018 will be presented at the Märklin Museum. In a large celebration in front of invited guests there will be solemn speeches, music as well as catering and the new model will presented. The Märklin museum wagon has already been around since 1985 and since 1991 also a truck is enclosed.

This is what the Märklin museum wagon 2017 looked like.



The diorama competition was once again a complete success. Many of you sent in your ideas and here are a few examples. The best of them will be displayed at the IMA and all our visitors can then vote to choose the best.


WINNERS 06/2017

Curtain up for the winners of the puzzle featured in the magazine issue 5/2017. The question to be answered:

How many numbers does the Märklin Start up Birthday Wagon (item no. 44231) contain? The right answer was 19. The main prize goes to: 


And the winner of a car from the Märklin Start up Collection are:

Kari Sipiläinen

Jan Schlotjunker

Gabriele Aldo Bottaro

Silja Uhrig

Jaron Binder

Daniel Filipetz

Peter Guggemos

Mathias Krug

Moritz Hambach

Have you won too in the Start up Club and would like to see your picture on this page? Just send an E-mail with the keyword "Win" and a picture of you and your win to:


The family visits the zoo. The father explains "This is a jaguar.".
Jürgen asks "What year of manufacture?".


Anna asks her mother in the evening: "Do you know the difference between the radio, the television and the pocket money raise?" — "No, I don't!" — "The radio can be heard, the television can seen, but the pocket money raise can neither be heard nor seen!"


Daniel smashes a big vase in his uncle's flat. The uncle turns pale and stutters: "The vase was from the 17th century!" — Daniel is relieved and answers: "Thank God! I already thought it was new."


"Father Christmas, I have been really good and kind for the whole year! Okay, most of the time. Well....I mean quite often. Okay, sometimes. Hm, I will buy it myself."


Grandpa to his grandson: "I would like to give you a book for Christmas. Do you like to receive a book as Christmas present?" — "Yes, I would love to. I would like to have your savings book."


Two cows meet up. One cow: "Moo." The other cow: "That's exactly what I wanted to say."


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