The Wagon for Builders

Putting building blocks together to make something is always a lot of fun. I’m sure you have a lot of building blocks in your room at home. Märklin start-up now has a wagon with building blocks in its range (Art.44736).


This wagon set consists of a four-axle wagon with low sides, as the building block wagon, and three sets of building blocks or other items to construct various elements of the wagon superstructure. The wagon is fitted with nubs you’ll familiar with, for fitting the components to the wagon. You can build yourself a car, a transport wagon for coal or a tank wagon. Of course you also have the possibility to combine various building block sets so that you can build your own special wagon. The Märklin start-up set consists of ManBao building blocks and can be combined with building blocks from other manufacturers.







Add anything you like as part of the wagon’s superstructure.














The coach after construction.














You can transport coal with this.














The cool tank wagon!


Building block sets including BanBao building blocks, assembly instructions and stickers!