Tank Wagons

Tank wagon

A great variety of wagons is used for goods transport. Tank wagons are an important and interesting group. They are used for a wide range of products. That the reason it’s worth looking closely at this type of wagon.

Mineral oil wagon

A good example of a mineral oil wagon is the one with the Art. No. 4440, which I’m sure you have at home. And I’m also sure you’ve seen it on railway tracks. Mineral oil wagons are suitable for transporting light oil products like petrol, kerosene, diesel oil and light heating oil.






Mineral oil wagon (item.4440)
Chemical wagon (item.47561)

Chemical wagon

A special type of wagon for chemical products. The chemical tank wagons are required for transporting liquid organic and inorganic chemicals like liquid dungs (UAN), acids (hydrogen chloride, sulphur, phosphorus) and alkalis.









Pressure tank wagon

This is what a H0 range pressure tank wagon looks like. With the tank wagon you can transport liquid gases like propane, butane, propylene, butadiene and cooling gas mixtures.









Pressure tank wagon (item.46450)
Hopper wagon (item.46618)

Hopper wagon / bulk goods wagon

This is what a hopper tank wagon looks like. Specialised railway companies have special tank wagons for transporting hopper products like lime, cement, coal dust and many others.

For people with a head on their shoulders

In contrast to most other wagon types, tank wagons normally belong to shipping agents or special wagon lessors like VTG AG or GATX and not to the railway companys. The reason for this is that the tank wagons must meet special requirements, for example those related to pressure and temperature, and safety requirements are very high. They also require an extremely thorough maintenance.