Club Wagon 2019

Curtain up for our new club wagon 2019!


The Märklin start-up club is going back to school because of the new wagon for this year. But what on earth does a HO wagon have to do with school? Don’t worry, you’ll find out straightaway. Let’s start at the beginning. The wagon for 2019 is a dual-axle flat wagon, which belongs in every goods wagon fleet. This type of construction has been used a thousand times for German Railways.

And now we see what all this has to do with school. The wagon’s load has twelve high-quality coloured pencils along with a rubber and a plastic pencil sharpener – all from the company STAEDTLER! So you see, definitely something you need at school.

Once the wagon is unloaded you can load it, as shown in the picture, with vehicles and goods of considerable size. The wagon can carry simply everything – from tractors to pipes and finally to reinforcement steel meshes


» Wagon including school supplies
» Coloured pencils used as transport loads
» Fantastic product suitable for youngsters now going back to school
» It can be combined with anything else in the Märklin start-up range.







The start-up 2019 wagon (art. 48619) will be produced in a one-off run for Märklin start-up club members and also the Märklin insider club. Every club member can use the enclosed order form for ordering one of the wagons via the Märklin MHI dealer. Orders must be placed by 31 August at the latest. Deliveries will probably commence in June.


The original stanchion wagon with low sides has 18 stanchions. The company registration number of the wagon is 333 8 560-8.