The Canadian

Not only is Canada the second biggest country in the world. It also ranks among the most beautiful countries in the World. The Canadian travels between the cities of Toronto near Lake Ontario in the east and Vancouver at the Pacific Coast in the west. Measuring about 4,500 kilometres, the route belongs to the ten longest railway routes in the world.


EN ROUTE WITH 6,000 hp

Two heavy, blue and yellow diesel locomotives with 3,000 hp each pull 23 chrome-coloured wagons. The train consists of a sleeping car of various categories, a dining cars, baggage wagons and two panorama wagons featuring restaurants and bars. The two panorama wagons, the so-called "Dome Cars", are particularly popular as you sit in a higher position under glass cupolas enjoying a fantastic view of the landscapes rolling by. One should always have the camera ready. Moose, bears, wolves and many other wild animals against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains - when will you ever have such beautiful motifs before the camera lens?

Two diesel locomotives pulling the Canadian through the Canadian wilderness.
The Canadian at the western end point in Vancouver Central.


The trip from Toronto to Vancouver costs between 500 and 3,000 euros per person. Depending on the travel class booked. The most economic variant is the "Economy Class". The passengers book a seat reservation and are given blankets and pillows for the night from the train personnel. In the economy class all meals and beverages are to be paid separately. In the "Sleeper Class" the passengers get one or two compartments with washing facilities. Those who love real luxury should book a suite in the "Prestige Class" which was introduced in 2015. The comfort and luxury of the suits are do not lag behind the qualities of a hotel suite. From the giant flat-screen TV set up to the own bathroom, the "Prestige Class" offers everything your heart desires.



At 10.00 p.m. on the first day, the Canadian starts its trip slowly leaving Toronto, the biggest Canadian metropolis and the capital of the province of Ontario, behind. The route leads along the big lakes, via the city of Sudbury heading towards Winnipeg, the capital of the province of Manitoba. The trip continues through the endless prairies in the province of Saskatchewan towards Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta. Next stop is the small city of Jasper, where many passengers will stay for a few days because of its location in the beautiful national with the same name. The last stop is the city of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia. It is located at the Pacific, about 50 kilometres north of the Border to the USA and might be still known as the venue for the Olympic Winter Games of 2010.


If not already done so, one should set his watch now. The time lag between the starting point of Toronto and the last stop in Vancouver is three hours. No wonder – every single province is at least twice as large as the Federal Republic of Germany.


Photos: David Wilson, Timothy Stevens, Lee Down