Texas Eagle

The USA are the third largest country in the world. In view of the long distances, the preferred means of transportation is the airplane, of course. Travellers who want to see the country and who are not in a hurry take the train. A particularly interesting stretch is the route between the metropolises of Chicago and San Antonio. Welcome to the Texas Eagle!



The Texas Eagle runs daily, each time travelling about 2,100 kilometres. The route leads from Chicago in the northeastern state of Illinois across the states of Missouri and Arkansas to San Antonio in the southeastern state of Texas. Besides the many smaller 26 stations, the Texas Eagle also stops in big cities like Springfield, St. Louis, Little Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. This makes the Texas Eagle also interesting for business travellers. Particularly impressing are travelling across the Mississippi River and crossing the Ozark plateau.


The Texas Eagle is normally composed of two sleeping cars, two high-capacity wagons, one dining car , one panorama wagon and a baggage wagon. This ensemble of double-deck wagons are pulled by a GE Genesis P42, a diesel electric locomotive with around 4,250 hp. Der Texas Eagle is not a luxury train. The interior is rather austere and purposeful. For shorter stretches one should rather book a comfortable chair in the high-capacity wagon with reading lamp and power outlet.



For passengers who want to sleep in the car, there are various offerings. The smallest sleeping compartment is the Superliner Roomette with two chairs that can be converted into a bed and a folding bed. The Superliner sleeping car compartments are also designed for two persons but also feature a shower, a toilet and a washbasin inside the cabin. The compartments can be extended to sleeping car suites by a connecting door so that four persons can use the compartment together. For families with small children there are the Superliner family sleeping compartments. This cabin type does not feature any sanitary facilities. However, showers and toilets can be found in close proximity to the cabin.


Passengers who want to travel on to the Californian mega metropolis have a direct connection to the Sunset Limited three times a week, which travels between Los Angeles and New Orleans. In this case, they don't have to leave the train - the wagons are simply exchanged. The travel along the Mexican border across the southwestern deserts and Californian mountains takes about 37 hours. No wonder: during this time, the train travels around 2,300 further kilometres. With around 4,400 kilometres, the route between Chicago and Los Angeles is the fourth-longest railway line in the world.