Belmond Grand Hibernian


Since the middle of last year, you can explore the green island in the Atlantic by means of a new luxury train. The "Belmond Grand Hibernian" offers maximum comfort and brings you to the most beautiful and most interesting places of Ireland.



Ireland is an island state in Western Europe which comprises about five sixth of the eponymous island. The landscape is characterized by meadows, swamps and lakes that are framed by many low mountain ranges. The capital is Dublin which is located at the east coast. In the north, the country borders with Northern Ireland and thus with the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The history of Ireland begins with its settlement approximately 7,000 B.C. In the Roman Empire the island of Ireland was known under the Latin name "Hibernia". This explains why the tourism company Belmond has baptized the train using the name "Grand Hibernian".



The metropolis with its suburbs counts about 1.2 million inhabitants. Many international companies, above all Internet and IT companies, have their European headquarters there. This is owed not least to the good traffic infrastructure of Dublin. From the Dublin harbour there are ferry connections to Liverpool in England and to Cherbourg in France. The international airport connects Dublin with 150 metropolises all over the world. Our trip aboard the "Belmond Grand Hibernian" begins and ends at the venerable train station "Heuston Station".

Photo: Richard James Taylor
Photo: David Norton


The "Belmond Grand Hibernian" offers three different travel routes. The three-day round trip "Realm Of Giants" takes the guests in the Northern capital of Belfast with the "Titanic" museum on the former premises of the Belfast shipyard "Harland & Wolff". The world's most known ill-fated ship was built here and was the world's largest ship when it was commissioned on 2 April 1912. Only 12 days later, the "Titanic" hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank. Another highlight is the visit to the "Giant's Causeway", the "dam of the giant" at the northern coast. It consists of approximately 40,000 equally formed basalt columns that are about 60 million years old. The five-day tour "Legends And Loughs" leads to the south and the west of Ireland. The programme includes visiting old castles and palaces, museums and markets in the cities of Cork, Killarney, Limerick, Galway and Westport. You want to experience both round trips? Then, you just have to book the seven-days long "Grand Tour Of Ireland" - a combination of the two routes mentioned before.



The "Belmond Grand Hibernian" is different from the many known luxury trains of the world. Not only is the furnishing of the wagons very noble, it is also very modern and less plushy than those of the known lines. The train consists of five sleeping cars, two restaurant cars and one lounge car. The individual wagons are named after the individual counties and are equipped with decorative elements that reflect the traditional fabrics and patterns of the relative county. The "Belmond Grand Hibernian" transports a maximum of 40 passengers accommodated in 16 double compartments and 4 double bed compartments. All compartments feature an own bathroom with toilette, a closet, a desk with a chair and a large panoramic window. One of the wagons is especially equipped for passengers with limited mobility.


Well, in the case of the "Belmond Grand Hibernian" it is very similar to the most other luxury trains we have presented you in the magazine. The travel across Ireland is very beautiful but also not really cheap. Depending on the route, the trips cost up to 7,700 Euros per person.


Photo: Leon Farrell