WINNERS 01/2017

Of course, the question in the Start up magazine 06/2016 was not difficult: H0 ist the scale of 1:87.


And the winner of a car from the Märklin Start up Collection are:

Lara-Marie Groos

Simone Ramsch

Jakob Dobias

Dirk Donnerstag

Moritz Hambach

Benita Jenzer

Rainer A.Kneilmann

Leonard Blaich

Oliver Reihs

Have you won too in the Start up Club and would like to see your picture on this page? Just send an E-mail with the keyword "Win" and a picture of you and your win to:

Here you can see now, when the next model railway exhibitions with Märklin will take place. A visit is always worth it and Märklin will be glad about it.

2017-03-24 – 2017-03-26

International trade fair for model railways, specials & accessories

Sinsheim fair



2017-04-05 - 2017-04-09

Intermodellbau Dortmund

The INTERMODELLBAU Dortmund is a trade fair for model building and model sports.

During the INTERMODELLBAU trade fair in Dortmund, more than 20,000 single models are shown in an exhibition area of about 48,000 m². The offer ranges from airplanes and helicopters to steam engines and railways as well as boats and construction site vehicles. Counting seven exhibition halls the INTERMODELLBAU awaits you with over 550 exhibitors, various offerings, breathtaking activities, exciting highlights and the most recent market trends.

The 2016 fair was attended by approx. 82,000 visitors.


For many years it has been a nice tradition to present the new museum wagon for the next year shortly before Christmas. On 15 December 2016, it was finally time again. The wagon was presented as part of the festive event. Again a company from the Göppingen region was serving as the model. The Sommerfeldt company has been dealing with the topic of overhead cables and pantographs for model locomotives already for 60 years.

For the model implementation in Märklin H0 gauge, a two-axle RImms-type stake car is used as overhead line construction car with a brakeman's platform and insert stakes. This car is employed with the Deutsche Bundesbahn as private car of the Sommerfeldt company and is from the mid 1960s.

Like its real-life model, this overhead line car receives a beautiful cargo with 2 overhead cable drums, various accessories like crates and ladders as well as a guide rack for the overhead cable. .



The new Märklin complete catalogue 2015/2016 is here! 

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"I think my mother doesn't understand children!", Daniel says.

"What makes you think that?", aunt Kerstin asks.

"When I'm awake, she sends me to bed. And when I'm tired, she wakes me up."


All children eat meat - except for Harold, he only likes carrots.


In the train compartment:

"Do you know the joke of the 3rd train compartment? No? Nor do I, I was sitting in the 1st."


"My little brother is going to be baptised Wednesday" - "Wednesday? A silly name!"


Two toothpicks walk up the hill and are suddenly overtaken by a hedgehog. One toothpick says to the other "Oh - if I had known that there was a bus, I would have taken it."


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