Jim Knopf

The year 2018 was the year of Jim Knopf. With a fantastic screen adaption that has been viewed by more than 1.8 million cinemagoers in Germany alone. The DVD and the Blu-ray disc to the movie have just been published. In line with the great success on the screen, Märklin Start up offers a big selection of game ideas around the topic of Jim Knopf.



You want to have the Jim Knopf movie at your home? So, you just have to answer the following question and with a little luck you will receive one of 5 DVDs.

How many cinemagoers have watched the movie at the cinema?

  1. 800,000
  2. over 1.8 million

If you know the answer, send it until 15 January 2019 to: Keyword "DVD", PF 960, 73009 Göppingen, Germany, or write an email with the keyword "DVD" to:

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All entries have the chance of winning 5 DVDs.