Start Up News 2019

Curtain up – here comes the 2019 Märklin start-up

Welcome to the new Märklin start-up year. What better way is there to start 2019 and introduce our new ideas. In the next pages you will find a overview of our remarkable new ideas for 2019.


Märklin power control stick

One of our new ideas is the new Märklin power control stick for Märklin start-ups. This remote control device will be in the new start-up packages and makes it even simpler to drive locomotives and trains than before. In the course of the year it will be presented in detail.

Märklin Power Control Stick
Building block train set (item.29730)

Building block train set

During the last two years building block wagons have been added to the Märklin start-up range. What could be better than to see a train pull away. The train includes a building block steam locomotive with building blocks for light and sound generation (with the possibility of recording and playback). Both a variety of goods wagons – composed of building blocks – and the new Märklin start-up power control stick plus an oval track can be added.








Disco building block wagon

And now something to make you prick up your ears! Here comes the new disco building block wagon. With cool building blocks for light and of course for sound too. You can use these for making and playing back your own recordings. Just listen to your favourite music! And on your own railway to boot. If that isn’t the most remarkable new idea of the year.











Disco building block wagon (item.44737)

2019 start-up club wagon

It will take some time before the 2019 start-up wagon is presented. This will be part of the third delivery, in June. But I can already tell you now: it has something to do with school.








Agricultural train start-up pack

A brave new world awaits you with this Märklin start-up. The versatile and diversified theme agriculture is now added to the worlds of containers, building sites and fire brigades.

This start-up pack contains a DHG 700 designed by the company CLAAS. In the course of the year you will find what this has to offer.

In this start-up pack the locomotive pulls two low-sided wagons, which also have a CLAAS design, and as to be expected are loaded. The locomotive is driven using the new Märklin Power control stick.







Agricultural train start-up pack (item.29652)
Agricultural train supplement pack (item.78652)

Agricultural train theme supplement pack

it makes sense to extend the agricultural train starter pack with a suitable supplement pack. This contains another low-sided wagon with a CLAAS design. This is loaded using a mower, maze chopper or harvester together with a tractor along with a trailer (CLAAS & Fliegl) and a number of C tracks.









Molkerei Müller (Müller Dairy) refrigerator wagon

Refrigerator wagons with fantastic printed logos for Märklin start-ups have been around a long time. This year its the turn of Molkerei Müller [Müller Dairy] – and what name could be more popular than that?








Molkerei Müller refrigerator wagon (item.44217)
Halloween wagon (item.44232)

Halloween wagon - it glows in the dark

Halloween: the time when you don’t mind being given the creeps. This wagon has an artificial load of pumpkins and a scary logo which partly lights up in the dark.









Jim Knopf start-up pack – the journey begins . . . and continues

I‘m sure you think that this start-up pack was already available in 2018. Well you’re right. But at that time we planned that Jim Knopf would only appear in a start-up programme for 2018.


All these new ideas will of course be presented in detail in the next start-up club magazine.








Jim Knopf start-up pack (item.29179)