Railway Crossing

A train will pass in a few moments. The gates are closed and the signal light is read. Now, it‘s time to wait until the train has passed. Afterwards, the gates will open again and the track can be crossed safely. Such scenarios occur countless times at railway crossings every day. The Deutsche Bahn alone has more than 16,000 railway crossings.


Now, also Märklin Start up features a fully automatic, single-piece railway crossing (item no. 74924) which can be installed easily. The single-track railway crossing features pre-assembled half-gates. It can be directly connected to the C-track. The two electromagnetic gates feature two red warning lamps each, that light when the gate is closed. Playing this way is fun!


In Germany, railway crossings can only be used on routes where the maximum permitted speed is not more than 160 kph. Railway crossings without technical safety features are inspected three times a year. In case of railway crossings with technical safety features, the inspection cycle is twice a year. The reason for this is that railway crossings with technical safety features signal possible failures automatically. Private railway crossings without public traffic are inspected once very two years..