Lava wagon Jim Knopf

The Land of the thousand volcanoes is far away. In this unreal high-altitude landscape there are countless volcanoes. Glowing bottom gaps open without warning. This harsh world is where the dragon Nepomuk lives. To be precise, he is only a half-dragon. His mother was not a dragon but a hippo. You can see that clearly. He looks funny. However, he would like to look more dangerous. Now, Nepomuk has a problem. His beautiful volcano is extinct and he can‘t eat any lava. He really likes. Fortunately, Lukas and Jim come by and can start the volcano again.


To constantly provide Nepomuk with enough coal, the „Lava wagon“ (item no. 44818) always helps you transport enough molten rock. In this way, the supplies will never stop, even if the volcano should be clogged which requires the lava to be fetched from far away.