How to: Mobile Station 02

Building and interconnecting a model railway is too difficult and takes too long? This is not the case with the Märklin C-track and the Mobile Station. The following steps will do the job.


1. We connect the two red and brown cables fro the track box 60116 on a C-track element of your choice on your layout in construction. The red cable is connected to the terminal lug marked with "B" at the bottom of the C-track, while the brown cable is attached to the terminal lug marked with "0". In this case, "B" stands for railway current. "0" is the common return line also often being referred to as "Ground".

2. Now, you have to put together all tracks to form your desired layout. Thanks to the ingeniously simple connection of the C-track, this is done in the blink of an eye.

3. Now, connect the connection plug of the Mobile Station 60653 to one of the two connection sockets at the front of the track box. The connection cable of the Mobile Station is almost 2 metres long. This gives you radius of action of approx. 4 metres around the track box! That is more than sufficient for (almost) any children's room.

4. The jack plug of the switching power supply 66360 is inserted into the corresponding socket located at the front of the track box. The switching power supply itself is connected to a household wall socket with 230 V. This is sufficient for immediately starting the gaming operations.

The IR handset control featured a selection of 4 different locomotive addresses that were chosen via a selector. Up to 5 functions could be switched for each those locomotives. The Mobile Station, however, offers a wider selection. It features an internal list of locomotives for entering all locomotives you have. The memory can handle up to 40 different entries. This is like a phone book of a smartphone. There, you enter all your friends with their phone numbers in order to be able to send them an SMS or to call them without having to enter their phone number each time. In the Mobile Station each model is entered with its name, the functions it features, the corresponding locomotive type – steam, electric or diesel locomotive – to be displayed when selecting that model and, if necessary, the address the Mobile Station uses to communicate with it. For technology freaks: Furthermore, the system must of course know the digital format the decoder understands. The IR handset controller can output the proven MM format. However, the Mobile Station is also capable of handling the mfx and the DCC format.

Of course, it is very comfortable if a friend just enters his or her own number in a smartphone himself or herself. To the Mobile Station, the mfx locomotives are such "great friends". The enter themselves. Therefore, we just put such a locomotive onto the track only for a short time and check ob the driving current is activated. For this current can be interrupted by pressing the stop button. This is useful for example if a crash on a layout would be inevitable. However, without electrical power the mfx locomotive is not able to communicate with the Mobile Station. After convincing ourselves that the driving current is activated we only need to wait for 2 to a maximum of 3 minutes. The mfx locomotive is automatically entered in the internal locomotive list of the MS 2 and – in case one memory position is free – also in the active list of the MS 2M. Active list? Yes, the lower display section of the MS 2 features 10 points where locomotive entries can be embedded. In order to select these locomotives, you only need to move the selection cursor onto the desired locomotive and select this entry. The recent driving information as well as the switching statuses of the individual functions are immediately accepted enabling us to immediately set and execute the new driving and switching commands. In order to drive the locomotive the controller is turned clockwise. The display shows a speed bar which will get longer as soon as the locomotive drives faster. When turning the controller anti-clockwise, the driving speed will be reduced. When the controller is pressed, the direction of travel will be changed. This can be seen on the display via the arrow for the direction of travel which will change.

In the next issue we will get to know how to execute commands and how to setup locomotives without any mfx decoder. As for the rest, we will cross our fingers for you so that you will have found the Mobile Station – if desired – under your Christmas tree. Good luck!