Diorama competition 2017

Become a master class builder and participate: The great diorama competition 2017 is looking for the most beautiful motifs next to the secondary railway – fun and great prizes are guaranteed!

A model railway without great individual scenes? Unimaginable. For only an atmospheric scenery creates the right atmosphere along the tracks. Therefore, diorama building is very important to the model railway enthusiasts – and this is why the Märklin magazine and the Märklin partner companies, namely the accessory specialists Faller and Noch, launch a competition in H0 scale in 2017 again. The topic for that year: "On the left and on the right if the secondary railway".

What this motto means? Just close your eyes for a short while. Maybe an idyllic station made from brick and flanked by a beer garden? A bus station at the station forecourt where the pupils of a small primary school round the corner wait for their busses? Or shunting tracks that lead for example to a small sawmill and that are surrounded by small allotment gardens? Maybe there is a water tower halfway? Or there is a watermill guaranteeing that the water masses flow in orderly manner?



38 x 38 centimeters, at least two tracks – and loads of fantasy!

You see: There is a wealth of motifs and scenes of what can happen and be located along a secondary railway. Your ingenuity is certainly huge. Therefore: Take part – there are no bounds to your fantasy and even unusual ideas are explicitly welcome. In order to give you the greatest freedom of planning and building possible, there are only few limitations to respect: The area of your diorama measures 38 x 38 centimeters and your motif must contain at least two straight C-tracks (by Märklin or Trix) which you can arrange in parallel, diagonally or even at a tilt angle. Furthermore, the diorama should be easy to transport.


The competition is divided in two categories: one for children and youths of up to an age of 16 years and one for adults. This is how it is done: Design a plan or a sketch of your diorama. Send the sketch of your idea and – which is very important – a short description of your motif to the Märklin magazine (address see the box below). The editorial staff will select the most exciting ideas from both categories. These participants will be notified in writing and can then choose accessories and material worth 80 Euros from the product ranges of Faller (children/youths) and Noch (adults). This material can be used for the layout – however, of course each participant can use his own material for his diorama.

A panel of representatives of the Märklin magazine as well as of the companies Faller and Noch will choose the ten best dioramas which will finally be exhibited during the Märklin Days from 15 to 17 September 2017. The Märklin Days visitors will decide on who will be at the top of the winner's rostrum. The winners will receive attractive prizes – and compliments issued by modell railway experts who will examine all dioramas enthusiastically.


Text: ch, Photos: Claus Dick


Taking part is really easy: Submit a sketch of your diorama project until 3 April 2017 . A drawing and a descriptive text are sufficient. Important: The area of the H0-scale diorama must exceed 38 x 38 centimeters. Please, submit your proposal to: Märklin Magazin, c/o 3G Media, Löwenstr. 46a, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany. Discuss that with your parents and please specify your address, phone number and e-mail address where we can reach you. In case the diorama is supposed to start on the category children/youths, please also specify your age.

The editorial staff of Märklin will choose from all submissions the most interesting ideas of both categories. The participants chosen by the panel will be notified and can then order 80 Euros worth of accessories and material at the companies Faller and Noch. At and as well as in the companies' catalogues you will find their product range.

Closing date for the completed model is July 19, 2017. Submission type and location are specified in the documents.

The 20 (2 x 10) most beautiful dioramas chosen by the panel in both categories will be exhibited at the booth of the Märklin magazine during the Märklin Days from 15 to 17 September 2017.

The Märklin Days visitors choose the winners of the two competitions. As from 2 p.m. on September 17 the editorial staff of the Märklin magazine will count all cast votes and will then announce the winners.

All participants sending in a completed diorama will receive a ticket for all event days from the Märklin magazine. The winners receive attractive prizes and will be introduced in the Märklin magazine and in the Start up Club magazine. The judges' decision is final.

The call for the diorama competition can also be found on the Internet at