Maerklin Star 2018

At the end of last year the start-up club had to choose the 10th Märklin star. And the competition was tough. And now for the first three places for the Märklin star 2018!

And now we come to the top three – selected by the members of the Märklin start-up club.

With the impressive score of 10.7% the bronze medal was won by the BR 216 (Art.36218). Well done!







BR 216 (Art.36218)
BR 216 (Art.36218)

With 25% of all votes the Container Train starter pack (Art. 29452) finished second and was therefore awarded the silver medal.









We have a new champion! The winner for 2018 is the Jim Knopf start-up pack (Art. 29179). With 39,3% of the votes it’s number one.











Jim Knopf start-up pack (Art. 29179)
C-Track Package (Art.24902)

Thanks very much to all those who took part! The winner will get a C-Track Package (Art.24902).

Who will be on the shortlist at the end of this year?