Märklin Star 2019

It is not just Christmas that takes place every year, but also the vote for the Märklin Star. The year 2018 has now nearly come to an end and over the course of the past 12 months Märklin has brought out many fantastic new locomotives and wagons. Which one did you like best? You now have the opportunity of choosing your Märklin Star of 2018. Tim Tender has pre-selected some contributions from the numerous mails and personal conversations: Here come the "glorious seven"!


This year was particularly under the banner of Jim Knopf. It was obvious that Emma made it onto the list. The small locomotive got through many adventures. Will Emma get your vote?

Emma ("Jim Knopf" starter pack item no. 29179)
The Märklin Start up Club wagon 2018 (item no. 48618)

Of course, the Start up Club wagon must not be missing on the list for electing the Märklin Star 2018. The freight wagon features a colourful print of the laughing faces of Jim Knopf and Lukas the train driver. The wagon is a real eye-catcher. Will it be your number one?


What is so bright here? Not only can you build this wagon to your liking, it also glows. The reason is the great Light Stax. and will it get your vote?


The module wagon with light modules (item no. 44737)
Series 216 (item no. 36218)

An old acquaintance has made it into the selection. Not only is the series 216 beautiful, it is also very reliable. The diesel locomotive was built for the medium-load main-line service. Is the series 216 your favourite?


Of course, a steam locomotive should not be forgotten. The T12was a passenger car tender locomotive of the Prussian State Railways and looks particularly good in H0 gauge. Will you vote for it?


T12 (item no.36741)
"Lava wagon" (item no. 44818)

There is a lot of steaming and hissing in the Land of the thousand volcanoes. Dragons are at home here and what do these impressive beings love? Glowing hot lava, of course! Therefore, the "Lava wagon" can glow marvellously. Will it conquer your heart?


The "Container train" starter pack has been part of the product range for several years, but again it has made it into the range of the most popular Märklin products of the year. Here you have got an enormous game value. Is that sufficient for you to vote for it?



When you have selected your Märklin Star, send your vote by 15 January 2019 to: Keyword "Märklin Star 2018",PF 960, 73009 Göppingen, Germany or write an email with the keyword "Märklin Star 2018" to:

Please specify your membership number.
There will be a prize draw among all participants for a C track supplementary set "C2" (item no. 24902).
Just a quick reminder: The champion of the year 2017 was: The LINT

Starter pack "Container train" (item no. 29452)