Märklin Star 2019


Now you can select your Märklin Star 2019! When you have done so send your star until 15.03.2020 to: Märklin, PF 960, 73009 Göppingen keyword „Märklin Star 2019“ oder write an email with the keyword „Märklin Star
2019“ to:

Important: Please tell us also your member number!

Between all participants will raffle a C-gauge extension pack „C2“ (Item 24902) which you could surely use.



Starter Set Farming Train (Item 29652)

The starter package with a diesel shunting locomotive and two gondola wagons designed by the company CLAAS has really gone to the hearts of the Maerklin fans! Your favorite?













The “all in one” set with locomotive, freight wagons and all accessories has the advantage of being convertible in many ways. Does this building block train get your vote?













Starter Set Building Block Train (Item 29730)
Disco Wagon (Item 44738)

Super cool! The building block disco car with lighting blocks and a sound block which provides all the music you want to hear. Is this your number one?













When chosen for the Maerklin star the Halloween car really does put the wind up the competitors! With its “glow in the dark” printing it lights up in the dark. A favorite of yours?













Halloween Wagon (Item 44232)
Start up Club Wagon 2019 (Item 48619)

This is the way to have fun at school! The start-up 2019 club wagon with the high-quality STAEDTLER brand pencil set is just what you need on your desk. Do you give it top marks?













The best surprise you could imagine, with nineteen individual numbers for all birthdays and jubilees up to 99 years. And on top of that the cool beach buggy! Your star?













Happy Birthday Wagon (Item 44231)
Müller Milch Wagon (Item 44217)

All Mueller or what? The cooling wagon in the “Mueller rice pudding” design of the Alois Müller dairy really is popular on all rail tracks! Does it taste better than anything else?













An old friend has been chosen. The BR 216 diesel locomotive doesn‘t only look good it’s extremely reliable. Your favorite for the title?













Diesel Locomotive BR 216 (Item 36218)
Starter Set Lint (Item 29641)

A true champion is on the shortlist. The Märklin star for 2016 and 2017 seems to go on forever. How about helping the starter package to be a three-time winner?













The grand old lady of the tender locomotives. Always ready to shunt even the weightiest freight trains. Are a reliable performance and a stunning appearance important? Your vote?













Lokomotive BR 81 (Item 36321)